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In this agreement ‘the Company’ shall mean NASCADA - Travel & Tourism Services and ‘the Client’ will mean the person, company, organization which has the legal right to enter this agreement.

The Company will favor any bookings made by the Client only if the Client has paid all deposits and costs of the booking/s made by him/her.

The payments must be made as follows:
    A. 50% deposit upon confirmation of the booking/s by the company,
    B. Payments should be made either by wire transfer or by credit card (Visa or Amex).

Payments must be made by money transfer in Euro only.

Cancellation fees: Deposits are forfeited in any case. There is no extra cancellation fee for cancellations.

Last minute bookings are bookings made 30 or less days prior to client’s arrival and full payment must be made.

Special offers must be paid in full following booking confirmation and are not entitled to refund in case of cancellation.

Prices can change without previous notice.

The company tries to best describe all the services and/or products that represents but due to different standards and requirements they might not be of the same quality and/or quantity that in the country that the Client’s booking is originating for which the company accepts no responsibility. The Client is supposed to have carefully read and understood all the information provided by the Company concerning the type of accommodation, travelling schedules, boat fares and general cost of living. By submitting the reservation form the Client automatically declares that he has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Booking Instructions that the Company provides on-line.

It is the Client’s responsibility to comply with its country’s law, regulations, etc. in entering this agreement.

Should the Company make any major change or cancel the booking after the date when the final payment is due, the agent will have the following choices:
    A. purchasing another available holiday from us,
    B. canceling the holiday and refunding all money paid to us by that day.
A major change is considered to be a change of the hotel or studio selected by the Client.

In the unlikely event of over booking we will provide an alternative accommodation of a similar cost. If the cost is lower than the one originally booked, we will refund the difference, if it is higher we will pay the difference.

The company proposes to all its Clients to have travel insurance with adequate coverage.

Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement which can not amicably be settled should be resolved by a simple method of arbitration and if it fails, by a Greek court of law in Athens, Greece.

The Company is not permitting anything to be done to the rented property/s that might lead to damage or to vitiation of any contract of the insurance of the property. The cost of replacing of any lost, broken or damaged items during the tenancy of the Client shall be charged to and paid for by the Client prior to his departure. Sub letting or hosting of any person not written on the booking form is not allowed in the accommodation without prior agreement with the company.

The company will not accept any responsibility for any delays, cancellations, alterations etc. of any transport companies or individuals such as airlines, ferry or hydrofoil companies, bus and taxi companies etc. and is not entitled to any refunds, compensations etc with regard of.

Safety standards and regulations may not reach the same levels as those at your home land. The Client should be aware of this fact and be aware to familiarize them selves with their accommodation and be aware of hidden dangers involving swimming pools, balconies, terraces and stairs, especially if traveling with children. For the safety of pregnant clients we regret that we will not accept clients that have passed their sixth month of pregnancy.(we will be happy to take them next year!)

Pests & Pets. Wasps, flies, mosquitoes, field and tree rats and mice are usually the same type of pests you find in the country side at home; you may also find them in Greece. We will not accept any pets unless you have informed us and we have accepted it.

Any Client’s special needs or disabilities must be known to the company prior to confirmation of any booking so as to be able to say if the selected property/ies is suitable for the Client/s.

The Client agrees to use the information provided by the Company solely in the process of arranging his/her vacation and not for marketing the services and or products marketed by the company. In no case may the Client act as an agent or wholesaler unless he/she first notifies the Company.

The Company reserves the right to alter this agreement if so requires at any time. This has no effect in any booking made prior to the alteration since the Client has to comply with the Agreement that was valid the time of his/her booking.


I have fully understood and I accept the above agreement and its clauses which will govern the co-operation between myself and NASCADA - Travel & Tourism Services, concerning the booking that I made.


Please sign above and send by snail mail to:

NASCADA - Travel & Tourism Services,
Efroniou 72,
161 21, Athens,

Tel: +301-7254491, +301-7254492
Fax: +301-7225480

NASCADA - Technical support
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